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Best makerspace websites:


          Awesome ideas and resources are shared at this site including: Free eBook of 250+ makerspace

          resources, makerspace for kids ideas, 100+ makerspace materials checklists and more...


          "Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Come explore, share, and make your

          next project with us!"  This site includes step-by-step videos and tutorials to help you make a large variety

          of projects.


          Some "things" you can explore at this site include things, groups, collections, categories, and challenges.


          Mrs. J is a librarian extraordinaire.  This site includes ideas for making and even a shop to buy material kits

          for a great price!


          Great site with pictures and instructions to do many making activities for K-4 mainly in the areas of art and



          "The mission of Maker Ed is to harness the potential of making to transform teaching and learning."

          This site has it all: training about makerspaces, tips for getting started, tips for programming and planning,

          and loads of resources.


          This community, mainly for secondary students and up, includes a magazine, videos, space to share ideas,

          and lots of project instructables.


          This is an outstanding site made by a librarian.  She describes the site on the homepage: "Whether you

          need help starting a makerspace or growing a makerspace you already have, there will be something here

          for you.  Let’s work together to make learning awesome again 🙂"


          This site features STEM kits that you can buy.  The goal is to combine learning and fun.


          "Our Foundation is dedicated to transforming K-12 education so that all students can acquire and

          effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult

          lives. Founded by innovative and award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991, we take a strategic

          approach to improving K-12 education through two distinct areas of focus: Edutopia and Lucas Education



          Colleen is a high school teacher and innovative presenter about Google education.  This website is her 

          personal treasure box of information, resources, and ideas for all things makerspace.


          If you want help building your makerspace, eduporium is a great place to start!


          "Some things that you will find to explore are research supporting Makerspaces, how to start and build

          your own Makerspace, materials, tools and ideas for projects, as well as some apps and programs to use              in your Makerspace."


          Want to know what the American Library Association has to say about makerspaces?  Take a look.


          Recommended by the ALA, this site includes an outstanding blog with ideas, an excellent resources page,

          and recommended maker kits with links for buying.


          "Any Kid. Anywhere.  Can Learn Any Skill.  Huge library of hands-on projects, how-to videos, and an

          awesome kid community."  What I really like about this site is the "challenge" page with awesome

          ideas for makerspace challenges.




          This site explores high tech making projects that are great for the secondary levels.


          "Whether you are new to this makerspace journey or a makerspace maniac like me, this site is here to

          help! You will find the pedagogical frameworks for WHY we should have makerspaces along with all of the

          fun materials of a makerspace including print resources, ideas, student challenges, tutorials and MUCH

          MORE!! You makerspace might be in a cart or bin, or an entire learning commons or doesn't

          matter because makerspace is for any teacher on any budget. This is about good teaching and learning

          PERIOD. It is not about the stuff you have, it is about what you do with it to transform teaching and

          learning! LETS GET MAKING!"


          "Share your project.  Connect with other makers.  Find inspiration."


          If you would like to see some really great, high level makerspaces, click on this link!


          At this site, you discover how to make guides on every possible topic.


          "In June 2019, makers from all over the world convened at the European network of science centres and

           museums conference in Copenhagen, Denmark to create the latest edition of the ECSITE makerspace. As

           usual it was an inspiring time to share ideas, meet new collaborators and share our passion for making

           and tinkering in museums with the larger field."


          "Makedo is a cardboard construction system for exploring ideas through making and play."


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