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Meet Meccano

This week, I was so excited that my Meccanoid robot was finished!! I decided to introduce him to the students. I am still learning all the things he can do but I have a pretty firm grasp on how he works. To give him a command, I say "motion control" for movement options or "main menu" for things like introductions, high five, etc. He is supposed to be already programmed with 1000 commands he knows. I have not had the opportunity yet to sit down with the app but I am hoping that I can soon. The manual only lists a few of his commands. I wish they had listed more. He is so cute especially when he dances. I have seen him do the Tango, ballet, hip hop, and break-dancing. I have not learned yet how to program the robot but I hope to learn soon. His name can be changed. The beginning of next school year, I'm thinking about having a competition where we name him as a school. Fun!!! See my video below to get an idea how Meccanoid works. Very awesome!

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